TORRANCE, CA - Uncertain about how to word policies, procedures, and forms for fleet vehicles and drivers? Want to see what an annual report or fleet audits may cover? Fleet Docs is a free resource on the Government Fleet website that gives fleet managers the opportunity to compare and learn from material published by and about other public sector fleets.

Fleet Docs provides a comprehensive list of public sector fleet forms, RFP templates, policies, manuals, procedures, and reports. Fleet managers can view job specifications for positions posted around the country to compare job duties and for guidance in their own hiring processes. Learn how a university classifies its drivers and its eligibility requirements for new drivers. Read about an Arizona county’s procedures for its drivers regarding fuel keys.

From local to state fleets, from minute details to policy changes, Fleet Docs is an all-encompassing resource for public sector fleet managers. Fleet managers can also share their documents by uploading them here.

The list of document categories is as follows:

  • Anti-idling
  • Business Plans
  • Drivers Handbooks
  • Fleet Annual Reports
  • Fleet Forms
  • Fleet Management Policies and SOPs
  • Fleet Safety and Risk Management
  • Fleet Utilization
  • Fuel
  • Job Specs
  • Labor Rates
  • Lease Agreements
  • Lifecycle
  • PM Programs and checklists
  • Pre-Trip Checklists
  • Process Improvements
  • Process Mapping
  • Replacement Policies
  • RFPs
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Strategic Planning and Benchmarking
  • Take Home Vehicle Policy
  • Technician Career Path Programs
  • Utilization Studies
  • Vehicle Justification
  • Vehicle Mileage and Allowance Policies
  • Vehicle Rental Rates
  • Vehicle Use Policies