Rocklin, Calif. Achieves ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Award

ROCKLIN, CA – The City of Rocklin, Calif.’s Fleet Operations Division won ASE’s Blue Seal of Excellence award for its ability to provide a consistently high level of service. The division’s staff includes one ASE-certified parts specialist, three ASE Master-level certified auto/truck mechanics and one senior mechanic. The City's Senior Mechanic Russell French is ASE Master certified in all 14 areas of ASE, having passed all 53 tests. 

To attain this level of service, Rocklin’s Fleet Manager Kevin Erlandson said that his team takes continuing education and training seriously.

“It’s an ongoing training process,” Erlandson said. “The guys have taken on most of the training themselves. They take every opportunity to expand their knowledge by collaborating among their peers, networking with other fleet professionals, and reading professional publications and manuals. A lot of collaboration goes on here. It all comes down to empowering the employees to make the right decisions with a unified goal to keep our costs down without sacrificing quality.” Erlandson explained that he also encourages an environment where his team can attempt complex repairs first to familiarize themselves with today’s vehicle systems and request additional resources later if necessary.

“Even though the City pays for the ASE test only, the fleet staff have gained the knowledge and experience to attain these certifications mostly at their own expense since the fleet divisions training budget has been cut due to these tough economic times,” Erlandson said. “I am very proud to be working with such professional team and would like to recognize them all for this achievement.”

Rocklin’s fleet in 2010 was 407 vehicles. The fleet consisted of 52 autos, 33 class 1 vehicles, 47 class 3 vehicles, 9 class 7-8 vehicles, 113 off-road vehicles (loaders, tractors, forklifts, and backhoes), 30 other types of equipment, and 123 trailers and related implements. Rocklin’s Fleet Services Division covers police, fire and general services, public works, parks facilities, and streets.

By Greg Basich