LAS VEGAS - AAEQ Manufacturers and Recyclers, a Las Vegas-based scrap metal recycling company, was recognized by the Clark County Department of Air Quality & Environmental Management (DAQEM) for its work with the department's Lawn Mower Exchange Program (LMEP). From 2008 to 2010, AAEQ served as the recycling center for Clark County residents who took advantage of a special DAQEM-sponsored program to exchange their gas lawn mower for a new zero-emission, cordless electric model at a greatly reduced price.

A plaque was presented to Scott Stolberg, president and CEO of AAEQ Manufacturers and Recyclers by Randy White, who headed up the LMEP for DAQEM.

The plaque presented to Stolberg read: "With sincere appreciation, the Clark County Department of Air Quality acknowledges AAEQ Manufacturers and Recyclers for its three years (2008-2010) of participation as a community recycler in the Lawn Mower Exchange Program. Thank you for your dedication to our community and participation in this very successful program that ensures a higher level of air quality for Clark County and all Nevada." 

The LMEP has been extremely successful with over 3,000 lawn mowers recycled during the past three years.  As the recycling center for the gas-powered mowers, AAEQ properly dismantled and recycled all components and fluids in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

"With gas lawn mowers being a major contributor to air pollution, the Clark County DAQEM program was an effective way to help improve air quality in our area," said Stolberg. "We thank Randy White and his team at DAQEM for this honor. Hopefully, funding will become available in the future to do this again."

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), one gas-powered lawn mower used for one year can pollute the air as much as 40 new or late-model cars driven over the same period. 

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About AAEQ Manufacturers and Recyclers

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