TORONTO - AlertDriving, the global provider of web-based fleet risk management solutions, announced the launch of the latest version of its driver risk assessment tool, Hazard Perception Evaluation 2.0.

Exclusively available from AlertDriving, the state-of-the-art application is proven to identify a fleet's high risk drivers, based on their performance in six core safe driving categories. This is achieved through two components — the first is a series of interactive traffic scenarios presenting the driver with a view of the road behind the wheel including the rear-view and both side view mirrors. The second component consists of a series of hazard-based multiple choice questions. Based on the results of the evaluation, the system automatically assigns specific, targeted high-impact web-based training modules to address each individual driver's deficiencies and mitigate the risk posed by those drivers.

The enhancements were geared toward improving the user's overall experience with the program. This began by re-filming all content in 1080p high definition video. The significant improvement in video quality was coupled with an increase from 10 to 24 frames per second, creating a superior end-user experience. In addition to the visual upgrades, the total clickable space from the front dash to the mirrors has increased by 35 percent. All of these enhancements have been made without any bandwidth usage increase.

"AlertDriving continues to innovate; we are constantly looking at ways to make our applications more effective. It is this corporate mindset that helps our clients reduce their collisions by up to 63 percent," said Rob Martin, vice president, sales. "By significantly improving the user's experience, we are able to achieve more accurate risk assessments and therefore generate additional costs savings and further reductions in collisions, injuries and liability exposure."

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