ST. PAUL, MN - 3M Traffic Safety Systems, a leader in the transportation safety and vehicle registration markets, introduces the new 3M Driver Feedback Sign for highway speed applications. The Driver Feedback Sign from 3M advises drivers of their speed and encourages speed limit compliance. Built-in radar speed detection combined with an attention-grabbing display produces an effective and proven traffic calming tool that helps improve road safety.

The new, larger 3M "highway" driver feedback sign is specifically designed for use on higher speed roadways.  The sign is 48- by 60-inches, with a 22-inch speed display, and incorporates radar designed to detect vehicles from as far away as 1,500 feet. It alerts motorists to reduce speeds in high-risk areas such as entrances to towns and cities, highway transitions into major arterials, and speed transitions on highways, bridges, tunnels, narrow lanes, exit ramps and dangerous curves. The sign includes both amber and red numerals, along with white strobe LED lights, for a highly visible display that gains the attention of oncoming drivers.

"Unlike temporary trailer-type devices, 3M's new sign is a permanent solution for a permanent problem. Its ability to successfully calm traffic makes it a better, cost-effective option for traffic engineers looking to reduce speeds in potentially dangerous situations," said Mike Duoos, business development manager for 3M Traffic Safety Systems Division. "Additionally, the sign's unique design consists of a robust and reliable self-contained electronic control system that can easily be removed from the sign, which makes installation and repair fast and easy. Not to mention, this top quality product is being offered at a very competitive price."

 "These signs are very effective in reminding inattentive drivers of the speed limit change and the need to reduce their speed accordingly," said Marc Flygare, District 7 project manager for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. "Our district installed the signs where the roadway changes from four to two lanes and the speed transitions from 65 mph to 55 or 60 mph. Compared to the smaller driver feedback sign, the larger sign with its increased range and visibility is a much better choice for our high speed applications."

The sign face is made from optimal performance full-cube prismatic reflective sheeting with AC and solar power options, and comes in a choice of white, fluorescent yellow-green, fluorescent orange or yellow. Other important features include user-friendly programming software with Blue Tooth Wireless communication, photocell controlled brightness for excellent visibility in all lighting conditions, NEMA 3R enclosed electronic control system with a high impact polycarbonate face, programmable display speed thresholds, display modes and operation schedules, and speed date collection.

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