PARK CITY, UT - Summit County employees who drive home government-owned vehicles will now be required to pay a fee, according to The Park Record.

County Manager Bob Jasper said he wants to cut costs by requiring employees to pay to drive their county vehicles home if they live outside Summit County.

Summit County owns about 164 vehicles, according to the Summit County Auditor's Office.

Most of the employees with take-home vehicles are Summit County Sheriff's Office deputies.

"Any county employee taking a vehicle home outside the county will reimburse the county at a rate of $50 per month," the new policy states. "No county vehicles may be taken home outside a 35-mile radius of the Summit County line."

Also, no county employee may use a government vehicle for personal use, Jasper said.

Employees at the Summit County Animal Control department are no longer allowed to drive their vehicles at night.

Deputies who drive their cruisers outside Summit County must "respond to all 'call out' requests within 60 minutes or less," the new policy states.

The new policy makes exceptions for some managers and employees who are on-call, reported the Record.