OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - The House of Representatives gave unanimous support March 8 to a bill that would turn over supervision of higher education vehicles to a state agency, according to NewsOK.com.

Rep. Guy Liebmann, R-Oklahoma City, author of House Bill 2610, said the purpose of the measure is to find out how many vehicles are owned and operated by universities and colleges and higher education officials.

The measure calls for vehicles to be turned over to the Central Services Department's fleet management division. It passed 95-0 and now goes to the Senate.

Ben Hardcastle, spokesman for the state Regents for Higher Education, said "more than $73 million will be saved throughout our state system of higher education with the implementation of a broad range of cost-saving measures."

John Richard, director of the Central Services Department, who said his agency did not request the bill, estimated the higher education department fleet totals approximately 4,000 cars, trucks, and tractors.