COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - A new policy is in effect for take-home vehicles at the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) in Colorado, reports

In November and December of 2009, questions were raised about the size and management of vehicles used by CSPD. As a result, CSPD has re-vamped the department's rules and regulations on the usage of department vehicles.

Take-home vehicle privileges will be restricted to a 15-mile radius from a designated ground point. Employees with assigned take-home vehicles who fall outside the 15-mile radius may park their department vehicle at the nearest Police facility to their home.

All operators will also be required to fill out a monthly log. Officers using take-home vehicles will not be allowed to make any personal stops between work and home.

The new policy comes as the police department is cutting back. In 2009 the department had 643 patrol cars. By the end of 2010, there will only be 575.  "Five or six years ago the department spent $1.4 million for take-home and patrol cruisers; now [it's] down to $360,000," Deputy Chief Pete Carey said.

Even with funding going down, the number of take-home cars will remain the same. There are 85 assigned for the 2010 year, compared to 82 in 2009.

Police defend the use of take-home vehicles, according to "Officers that have take home cars are available a lot quicker to respond to things like SWAT, homicides and violent crimes, so they can start the investigation and make an arrest that much quicker," Carey explained.