NEW YORK CITY - Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced cost-saving measures for fleet, among other city departments, during his recent ninth annual "state of the city" speech, according to Crain's New York.

With a $4 billion budget deficit looming, Bloomberg revealed his proposals for making city government more efficient. Among his cost-saving ideas, he plans to consolidate garage space, repair shops, and maintenance crews of city agencies with vehicle fleets.

Human resource functions, information technology, and payment systems for city agencies may also be centralized to save money and to reduce office space by 10 percent, or 1.2 million square feet, over four years. An interagency task force will recommend more strategies for improving efficiency by June 1, reported Crain's.

Bloomberg also said long-awaited GPS trackers on city school buses will finally debut this year, and the city would also provide GPS bracelets for children and Alzheimer's patients who are prone to wandering off, reported Crain's.