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Tips for Reducing Truck Acquisition Costs

One of the easiest ways a fleet manager can reduce truck acquisition costs is not over-spec’ing for fleet needs. But, there are a few out-of-the-box ways of thinking to further reduce costs.

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Cost vs. Quality

While reducing costs is ideal, how much can you cut in costs before it affects quality?

Equipment Pools Aid Cost-Cutting and Utilization

Increasingly, Intra- and Interagency government jurisdictions are collaborating to share pooled equipment and vehicles. The practice not only helps procure expensive specialty equipment, but also helps right-size fleets.

Everything Fleet Does Revolves Around Money: The Problem is the Lack of It

Every function of a fleet operation is centered on money: acquisition of vehicles/equipment, fuel, maintenance, facilities, salaries, parts inventory, shop supplies, tools, etc. As we all know, the No. 1 problem today (and for the foreseeable future) is the lack of money due to depressed sales and property tax revenues. In an era of belt tightening, there are a number of unintended consequences of efforts to stem budgetary shortfalls.

Leveraging Procurement Dollars in a Zero-Growth Budget Environment

Public sector fleet manager creativity is one key to “getting the most bang for the buck” in a time of tightening purse strings and unpredictable fuel prices.

Utah Extends Vehicle Cycling to Lower Fleet Costs

Relying on hard data, Utah increased replacement limits to 105,000 miles, a move that resulted in significant savings for the fleet.

Budgetary Shortfalls Intensify Second-Guessing of Fleet Managers

The budgetary meltdowns in public sector America have caused significant turmoil for fleet operations. Due to these fiscal shortfalls, the level of scrutiny of internal costs is at a level never seen before, even for fleets with reputations for cost-efficiency and high service levels. Fleet managers are constantly second-guessed on the efficacy of their policies and under tremendous pressure to maintain preexisting service levels despite slashed budgets and reduced staffing.

State Fleets Adopt Fuel Cards to Reduce Cost

The States of Indiana and Illinois fleets improve fleet operations and their carbon footprint, all with the swipe of a card.

Polk County Incentivizes Employees to Reduce Fuel Costs

Polk County, Fla. is implementing a broad strategy to ensure employees who adhere to fuel-efficient guidelines share in the rewards.