KINGMAN, AZ - Mohave County is going out on bids for 13 new cars and trucks for various county departments, according to Mohave Daily News.

Vehicles must only be manufactured by Chevrolet, Ford, or Dodge since county maintenance staff are only trained to work on those makes of vehicles.

Mohave Daily said replacement units will be distributed as such:

County jail: Two 2010-MY 15-passenger vans used to transport prisoners from jail to court or between the three cities.

County library: Minivan.

Flood control: One-ton, four-wheel drive pickup.

Road department: Two one-ton, four-wheel drive pickups.

Golden Valley Improvement District: Two-wheel drive pickup.

Public fiduciary, probation, health department, and carpool: Five 2010 sedans with the nursing division getting two of the cars.

Sheriff's office: Four-wheel drive, heavy-duty utility truck.

Manufacturers have until Nov. 4 to submit bids to the county's procurement department. The winning bids will deliver the vehicles by May 1, 2010.

According to the Mohave County Web site, Fleet Services provides vehicles and maintenance for the County Departments. Equipment Maintenance is responsible for maintaining 244 vehicles assigned and billed to various departments at a per month/per mile rate and 20 motor pool cars available to the departments to check out for traveling out of town.