AMHERST, MA - The Select Board recently held a special budgetary meeting and discussed proposed cuts offered by town officials, including fleet vehicles, according to The Republican.

The Select Board discussed with Town Manager Laurence R. Shaffer savings in another budget arena - town-owned vehicles.

Questions arose from residents Stanley F. Gawle and David T. Keenan about the number of registered and unregistered vehicles owned by Amherst. Also mentioned was the topic of employee personal use of vehicles.

Shaffer told the board that the "vast majority (of departmental budget costs) is personnel. Vehicles are a small part of the budget." He said he will "try to punch down through the inventory" and determine whether the vehicles "can contribute to the productivity of the department," reported The Republican.

"We don't want to be insuring vehicles we don't need," said Shaffer. He said it might be an opportunity to sell some vehicles that have some value.

Take-home vehicles are issued to a few town employees who are allowed use "for maximum productivity in that department and ensure safety." Shaffer said, for example, the fire chief and two deputy chiefs take home vehicles because they have equipment in their vehicles needed when they're called to a fire from home.