JACKSONVILLE, FL– Citing the lack of a formal policy, the Jacksonville mayor’s office has drafted a new policy that will address the City’s take-home vehicle and car allowance policy. Kerri Stewart, the City’s deputy chief administrative officer, recently presented the policy to the City Council’s Finance Committee, according to the Jacksonville Daily Record.

The policy, which is still in draft form, is the result of the Finance Committee inquiring as to who is driving City-issued vehicles, who gets a monthly car allowance, and how many City employees are being reimbursed for mileage during the recent budget hearings.

The current policy is based partly on the policies of similar-sized government agencies and cities. The current version of the report indicates an audit of all take-home and car allowance scenarios for all City employees — excluding the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the other four Constitutional Officers: tax collector, clerk of the court, property appraiser, and supervisor of elections.

The administration is set to present the Committee a final list of those who need a City-issued vehicle and those who will receive a vehicle allowance. The mayor’s office will also have legislation drafted by the Office of General Counsel that will clarify the City’s Ordinance Code that covers vehicles.

According to Stewart, 180 City employees currently have either a take-home vehicle, drive a motor pool vehicle, or receive a car allowance. Of those 180, 16 members of the mayor’s office receive a monthly car allowance, which averages $301.

The proposed policy will provide $300 a month for those who drive 200-400 miles a month and $500 for those who drive 401-1,000 miles a month.

Stewart said her office will eventually propose a policy that will address all of the concerns the Finance Committee expressed.