KANSAS CITY, MO – A national crime trend has slid into the metropolitan area, according to www.kansascity.com.

For months, a thief in Mission struck Popeyes restaurant in the night and took hundreds of pounds of used grease — a former waste product turned gold because it can power vehicle engines.

Popeyes fought back with a surveillance camera. When Mission police arrived, they arrested a Kansas City man who they said was siphoning grease into his truck. The 22-year-old got tickets for theft, trespassing, and unlawful activity.

Police have reported grease thefts recently in Independence, Liberty, and Olathe. The thefts are heavy in the Pacific Northwest, where biofuel is especially in demand. Businesses that collect the grease legitimately say the thefts threaten the stability of a growing biofuel market there. The thieves are stealing grease that the collectors pay the restaurants for.