CLEVELAND– The Lubrizol Corporation has unveiled its GF-5 Web site, The site provides automotive OEMs, oil marketers, the additive industry, government regulators, oil-related retailers, independent lubricant manufacturers, and consumers with a go-to resource for complete information about the GF-5 specification change intended for next-generation passenger car engine oils.

The site offers a collection of information about the most important engine oil specification change to date. Visitors to the Web site can learn about:

· Breaking news. 

· A calendar of major industry events.

· Background on the GF-5 specification — why it is necessary, how it is being developed,who is involved, and what’s changing.

· Status of the specification change.

· The impact of fuel economy and emission regulations on the industry.

· Updates on related legislation.

· How the change to GF-5 oils will benefit consumers.

·How the industry is working together on the change, including the process, approvals, and committee roles and responsibilities.

In addition, the Web site offers videos of industry experts discussing the significance of the specification. And visitors can sign up to receive e-mail alerts about various topics.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet