KINGSTON, NY – Ulster County Fleet Manager Victor Work has been trying to get a handle on the county’s fleet since his appointment in early-2006. The county’s fleet consists of about 500 vehicles, which had no central purchasing, maintenance, or management in place prior to Work’s hiring. Aside from bus service and other agencies that receive federal funding, each department had traditionally looked over its own vehicles, according to the Mid-Hudson News. Work has since looked into how other area counties manage their government fleets. “It seems like Dutchess County has the best handle on the number of vehicles and how they are utilized from department to department, the replenishment systems and the like, which are very important,” he said, as quoted in the Mid-Hudson News. “We’ve had a tendency in Ulster County to keep our vehicles too long and end up with these huge repair bills and maintenance.” Work hopes to right-size the Ulster County vehicle fleet, which he thinks is too large for the size of the government, the report said.