BURNABY, B.C. – Following on the heels of a successful oversubscribed financing of $10 million, the City of Chicago has ordered an additional 550 WebTech WT5000 Locators and associated fleet services for use in the City’s Street and Sanitation Department for use in refuse trucks and SUVs. This new order brings the number of WebTech-enabled City vehicles to over 1,700. The City of Chicago initially selected WebTech Wireless, a supplier of mobile telematics, to provide Quadrant fleet management services for the monitoring of vehicles in its snow removal fleet. The System has since expanded to the Departments of Water, Streets, and Sanitation (Street Sweepers and now Refuse Trucks), Fleet Management, Aviation, Transportation, and Department of Human Services. It is also a key component in helping the city manage hired trucks. Using WebTech’s fleet management solution, the city can determine the exact location of each vehicle, from every turn made to every street navigated — in real-time. WebTech’s system also interfaces to the city’s existing GIS applications, enabling a seamless integration to back-end systems. And the WebTech platform allows the city to implement more comprehensive end-to-end data communications as their needs dictate.