JACKSON COUNTY, MI – In an effort to make the county government run more smoothly, Jackson County is considering trimming 70 vehicles from its fleet, according to the Jackson Citizen Patriot. Administrator Robert Elliot is pushing for the reduction as a way to erase the $300,000 that the county is over in its budget. The garage could also be placed under control of the airport, which could keep any profits it produces. The budget strategy is designed to free up millions of dollars, but officials haven't decided yet how many cars will be taken from which agencies. The county owns 168 vehicles now and repairs another 55 under agreements with townships and the city of Jackson. A county budget crunch, Fleet Manager Ed Hamlin's retirement, and the realignment of the Woodville Road garage to the airport were all factors that led to the push for the change. Under Elliot's plan, the county would keep 90 vehicles and lease another 10, and leave some departments to pool cars.