The South Fulton (Georgia) Police Department is adding 41 new cruisers to its fleet to support its updated police beat design. City Council has approved a 48-month purchase agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management capped at $2.1 million for the vehicles, the City of South Fulton Observer reported.

In January, the city announced it would realign and expand its police beats for the first time in early 40 years following a study led by a Georgia Tech professor. The study recommended the city increase the number of beats from seven to 18 over time as it adds new officers to improve response times. Researchers found that the distribution of emergency calls across the city are uneven, and the data will be used in the design of the new beat structure and to determine where equipment is best deployed. Police Chief Keith Meadows said in January that the department would grow to 10 beats by April and 15 by the end of the year.

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