Following last week’s unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck, the first mockup of a patrol-ready Cybertruck is making headlines. The Dubai Police Department’s Twitter account posted a mockup of the Cybertruck fitted with patrol-ready vehicle graphics.

With hybrid patrol cars becoming a police fleet staple and battery-electric patrol cars on the horizon, a Cybertruck for police is not completely out of the question. InsideEVs has also made the argument that the Cybertruck may be a fit for law enforcement because it's designed to handle off-road situations, operate in deep water, and haul equipment.

The Dubai Police Department is known for its flashy patrol cars. This week, the agency also added the Mercedes AMG GT63 S to its fleet of luxury patrol cars, which are used to manage security around tourist destinations such as the Burj Khalifa and La Mer, Dubai’s beachfront.

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