Kubota Introduces B01 Series of Compact Tractors

Photo courtesy of Kubota

Kubota Tractor Corporation has introduced the B01 Series compact tractors, the B2301 and the B2601. The versatile tractors can be used to mow lawns, work light construction, or for landscaping.

Both models feature the Goodyear R14T crossover tire, with a new hybrid tread design. The easy-to-use, single lever quick coupler allows for swift and easy attachments without mess from hydraulic oil spillage. The single lever quick coupler is compatible with the LA435 Swift-Tach Loader, which operators can remove in less than 70 seconds without having to leave the operator platform.

The B2301 and B2601 models deliver 20.9 and 24.3 hp, respectively. Liquid-cooled Kubota engines that combine Kubota’s E-TVCS (three-vortex combustion system) offer power, high torque, cleaner emissions, and lower noise and vibration.

The B01 Series is performance-matched with a variety of implements and attachments, from the Swift-Tach front loader to mowers. Additional implements include Kubota’s driver-over mower deck, landscape rake, post hole digger, rear-mount snow blower, and BH70 backhoe.