A Look at L.A.'s Green New Deal

Photo courtesy of Los angeles Mayor's Office

The city of Los Angeles plans to convert all fleet vehicles to zero emission where technically feasible by 2028, according to the recently released Los Angeles Green New Deal. The new plan, unveiled by Mayor Eric Garcetti, sets aggressive sustainability goals that aim to make the city carbon neutral by 2050.

According to the plan, by 2021 all vehicle procurement will follow a “zero emission first policy,” ensuring that 100% of the city’s new light-duty purchases and Meals on Wheels program vehicles are electric. By 2021, the city also aims to develop an EV infrastructure master plan and commission a study on converting the city’s pool vehicles to ride share and other alternatives.

By 2021, the city aims to purchase 100% zero-emission medium-duty trash and recycling trucks.

The Green New Deal is not the city’s first foray into fleet electrification. The city previously committed to procure only zero-emission buses by 2025, and in 2018 Garcetti and the leaders of 18 other cities and counties across the U.S. launched the Climate Mayors Electric Vehicle Purchasing Collective, which offers an online procurement portal for municipalities interested in purchasing electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. The platform was developed in partnership with the nonprofit Electrification Coalition and cooperative purchasing organization Sourcewell.

At the time of the platform’s debut, the 19 founding Climate Mayors publicly committed to the purchase of 376 EVs. Since its launch, 43 cities and five counties have committed to procuring a total of 953 light-duty EVs.

The organization also aims to show OEMs the potential demand for more electric vehicle options, including refuse trucks, street sweepers, and buses. The LA Green New Deal notes that by 2021, the city hopes to add medium- and heavy-duty vehicles to the Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative platform.

The LA Green New Deal is available in full here.

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