A local debate over a patrol car redesign has turned into a national conversation.

Earlier this year, the City of Laguna Beach (Calif.) decided to adopt a flashier design for its police vehicles, transitioning from all white patrol cars to a traditional black-and-white look. In a tweet, the Laguna Beach Police Department noted that these are the agency's first black-and-whites since the 1970s.

According to the Laguna Beach Independent, Laguna Beach is the only police department in the county that exclusively used all-white patrol vehicles, and officers raised concerns about their vehicles not standing out from animal control, parking services, and other city vehicles. Several residential security companies in the area also use all-white patrol cars, causing further confusion.

The Laguna Beach Police Department first released the proposed new design in February, featuring a black and white design, and the word “Police” larger across the side of the vehicle, filled in with the muted colors of the American flag.

A few weeks later, the police department posted pictures of the final product, with a slightly different design and brighter red and blue shades filling in the word “Police.” At city council meetings, some residents shared concerns that the updated design is too bright and aggressive, and the debate has become national news, appearing on Fox News, ABC News, and The Hill.

On Tuesday night, the issue returned to Laguna Beach City Council, with a majority of meeting attendees voicing support for the design. The council voted 4-1 to keep the new look, reports ABC 7.

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