Ga. PD Buys Tesla Using Confiscated Funds

Photo courtesy of City of Brookhaven

The City of Brookhaven, Ga., has purchased a previously-owned 2015 Tesla Model S and is testing it to see if it would be a better option to the police patrol cars it now uses. The city purchased it for $45,000 using confiscated funds, according to a city release.

The purchase and testing of the Tesla are the first steps as the city explores the possibility of creating a 100% electric vehicle platform for its fleet. If the inaugural Tesla performs well under Georgia Public Safety Training Center testing, it is possible that over time all city vehicles will be replaced with electric cars.

“I don’t know of any other city this side of the Mississippi that is testing an electric vehicle platform for patrol vehicles. Other cities have electric cars for city planners, code enforcement and other officials, that’s not uncommon. We will be the first to use them for law enforcement patrol operations,” said Brookhaven City Manager Christian Sigman in the release.

The city is partnering with Georgia Power Company in this endeavor. The utility company is analyzing current city vehicle data, such as mileage and usage patterns, and comparing that data with similar electric car models to see which cars are potential options to replace gas-powered vehicles in the city fleet. Georgia Power is providing a telemetric device for use on the control Tesla, comparing it to current standard gas-powered police patrol car use. The results will be utilized in making a final decision on the most feasible way to move forward.

This purchase is part of the Sustainable Brookhaven initiative. The city is also requesting city contractors such as those responsible for code enforcement, permitting, and inspections, to consider converting to electric car use. Others, such as park maintenance contractors, are being asked to search for ways to utilize battery-powered tools rather than gas-powered for items like mowers, trimmers, and other maintenance equipment.