- Photo courtesy of Sewer Equipment

Photo courtesy of Sewer Equipment

Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment has released the Genesis water recycling cleaner. The Genesis employs a passive separation approach, which includes a true 5-Stage separation process utilizing simple gravity that separates water from sludge. By avoiding a mechanical filtration approach, the Genesis is able to work effectively in grease and lines containing water with any size impurities, as there are no filters to become clogged.

Specifications include: a 13-yard stainless steel debris tank; a 1,500-gallon stainless steel water tank; 90 GPM at 2,500 PSI water pump designed specifically for recycled water; a positive displacement blower with 3,000 CFM at 27-inch Hg with 6-inch system; and 800 feet of 1-inch sewer hose.

The exclusive Smart Boom places both jet hose and vacuum tube where operators need them, easing setup and eliminating the need for a top roller in many applications. The boom reach is adjustable from 15 to 21 feet from the center of the truck, which means the Smart Boom assembly contains 65 feet of vacuum tube, allowing operators to vacuum 30 to 37 feet below grade without adding additional tubes. The tube is deployed and retrieved from the rotating spool on the top of the truck with the touch of a lever on the wireless remote.