- Photo courtesy of Toro

Photo courtesy of Toro

Toro’s Greensmaster 1000 Series fixed-head walk greens mowers were designed to eliminate variability in the walk mowing process.

A number of operator-centric features have been integrated into the new line to improve cut quality and consistency. For instance, the telescoping loop handle can be easily adjusted to accommodate operators of varying heights. The adjustment simultaneously helps to deliver a more consistent cut, while reducing operator fatigue. Handle isolation mounts give the cutting units consistent contact with the ground throughout the mowing process, eliminating variability in the height-of-cut that can occur because of variations in handle pressure or differing operator strides.

The new bail design combines safety and operational control. New operator controls, in conjunction with a shorter distance between the roller and drum, deliver more precise handling in turns as well as more consistent performance on greens with modest undulations.

Additionally, several features contribute to a lower overall cost of ownership. For example, it now takes only minutes to replace an entire cutting unit or engine assembly, according to Toro. From the modular design for easy repair and replacement of key components to the ability of each unit to backlap directly using transport wheels, the entire maintenance process is streamlined to maximize uptime.

The Greensmaster 1000 Series models are powered by Honda GX120 engines, and are available in a variety of standard cutting widths, including 18 inches, 21 inches, and 26 inches.