- Photo courtesy of Flex Trax

Photo courtesy of Flex Trax

GoClaws and SnoClaws are developed to keep drivers from getting stuck in snow, mud, or sand. The traction system from Flex Trax can be put on to tires without moving or jacking up the vehicle, even while stuck. It is made for driving on and off the highways for vehicles ranging from compact cars to tandem tractor-trailers.

GoClaws and SnoClaws utilize a high-performance Duratanium track segments with Pascal-Tech hydraulic gripping chambers laid out in a crossing grid formation. GoClaws use adjustable dual-pin linkages and SnoClaws use a ratchet-link system to create hydraulic pressure and a gripping reaction on the driving surface.

Both products’ chambers eject accumulations to self-clean. They are designed to staying centered on a tire and continuously tighten. GoClaws and SnoClaws fold up for compact storage.

For the commercial market, a pair of GoClaws ranges from $169.95 to $292.95. A pair of SnoClaws ranges from $149.95 to $292.95.