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Tires and Wheels

Touchless Alignment Inspection Delivers Instant Results

Quick Check Drive provides instant alignment readings with no human involvement.

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A Tire Designed for All Environments

The Grabber A/T X can be used on-road, off-road, and in snow.

Tire Taxi HD Helps Transport Larger Tires

JohnDow Industries has added a third product to its line of Tire Taxis, the Tire Taxi HD (JDI-TT1-HD).

John Bean B340 Enhances Wheel Balancing

Two operators can use this wheel balancer at once, and the machine offers an accurate reading on the first run.

Rotary R5000HD Aligns Truck Wheels Without Rolling Compensation

Rotary has launched the R5000HD Commercial Truck Alignment System, designed to improve the process of aligning commercial vehicle wheels by eliminating the need for rolling compensation.

Streets of the Future Could Take Automatic Tire Readings

WheelRight allows vehicles to drive through a specialized lane and captures tire pressure readings on all four tires while also providing tire tread depth within a few seconds and printed receipt.

Video Wheel Balancers

Hoffman offers a complete lineup of video wheel balancers for any repair facility size and needs.

ATV/UTV Wheels

No Limit's Storm two-piece modular wheel features a virtually indestructible double-reinforced rim edge and a 1,100-lb. load rating.

How Truck Tires Have Evolved

The tread designs of medium- and heavy-duty truck tires have become more sophisticated and tailor-made for specific applications and wheel positions.

Quick Tread Flush Mount

Hunter Engineering Company’s Quick Tread drive-over tread depth unit with flush mount configuration automatically measures the tread depth of each tire in seconds.