Western Products has updated the design of its Wide-Out adjustable wing plows and introduced a new Wide-Out XL plow that extends to 11 feet. Wide-Out plows fit up to Class 6 trucks.

The Wide-Out plows are now two inches taller and feature a flared wing design. The taller plows — now 31 inches — allow snow operators to be more efficient, carrying more snow with each pass.

The brand-new Wide-Out XL plow is an 8-foot, 6-inch version that extends to 11 feet, making it the widest Western plow for truck applications.

All Wide-Out plows feature hydraulic adjustable wing technology. The operator can change the wing position from straight blade to windrow to scoop from the driver’s seat.

The plows are reinforced by vertical ribs (six on the Wide-Out and eight on the XL) and a heavy-duty quadrant. Also, a dual  Western Power Bar provides torsional strength and rigidity across the entire back of the plow blade to eliminate blade twisting.

The wings slide laterally across a new, structurally reinforced slide box to prevent bending, even under heavy loads.