CASE Construction Equipment has released six new mini excavators: the CX17C, CX26C, CX33C, CX37C, CX57C, and CX60C.

Each new model features a variety of standard features designed to improve productivity and performance. The new machines feature a zero tail swing, short-radius, or conventional design, adjustable boom offset for improved maneuverability in congested areas, and an auto-shift travel system for operator convenience in varying terrain. An auxiliary hydraulic system with standard proportional controls, shut-off valve, and easy-to-select joystick control patterns offer increased productivity. In addition, a spacious and comfortable operator environment with excellent visibility, ergonomic controls, adjustable seating and line-of-sight digital displays minimize operator fatigue.

The new models include:

  • CX17C: (16.8 hp; 3,910 lbs.; bucket digging force: 3,490 ft.-lbs.)
  • CX26C: (24.8 hp; 5,520 lbs.; bucket digging force: 4,740 ft.-lbs.)
  • CX33C: (24.4 hp; 7,110 lbs.; bucket digging force: 6,900 ft.-lbs.)
  • CX37C: (24.4 hp; 7,990 lbs.; bucket digging force: 4,470 ft.-lbs.)
  • CX57C: (66.9 hp; 12,050 lbs.; bucket digging force: 9,550 ft.-lbs.)
  • CX60C: (64.7 hp; 12,940 lbs.; bucket digging force: 9,190 ft.-lbs.)

The CX57C and CX60C provide greater power and performance than any previous CASE mini excavators, and offer best-in-class horsepower.