Crown Equipment Corporation’s RT 4000 Series pallet truck features a highly maneuverable, compact design ideal for confined applications.

The Crown RT Series pallet truck’s intuitive controls, standard electronic power steering, powerful acceleration, and short head length all work together to optimize maneuverability in tight or narrow areas, the company stated.

The five points of contact the operator has with the Crown RT Series, combined with the truck’s four-point suspension in contact with the floor, provides operators with stability. The left-hand steer tiller design, along with easy-to-use traction and lift/lower controls that match the intended truck direction, are designed to deliver smooth response operation to help minimize shoulder and arm fatigue. The wraparound, soft foam lean pad provides operators with a comfortable surface.

The pallet truck features Crown-made AC motors, and its eGEN Braking reduces the cost of ownership by eliminating traditional friction brakes and reducing the need for maintenance, according to Crown.