Bobcat Company’s M2-Series of skid-steer, compact track, and all-wheel steer loaders offer a variety of performance, operator comfort, and visibility enhancements. The M2-Series lineup includes 24 loaders, consisting of the Bobcat 400-, 500-, 600-, 700-, and 800-frame-size skid-steer, compact track, and all-wheel steer loaders.

Every M2-Series loader is powered by a Bobcat diesel engine that features a non-diesel-particulate-filter (DPF) design.

Bobcat compact loader operators can now turn the automatic ride control option on or off from inside the cab for operator convenience. Previously, the ride control option could be turned on or off using a valve that was accessed by opening the loader’s tailgate.

Operators can press a switch to toggle between auto and off. When the auto mode is selected, the system will work at any travel speed. The ride control function is automatically activated by detecting increased hydraulic lift arm pressure when the loader is carrying material. It will deactivate when hydraulic lift arm pressure is reduced — such as when there is no load in a bucket. In addition, operators have the ability to turn it off for tasks such as back dragging.

Automatic ride control reduces material spillage, allowing operators to travel at faster speeds for increased productivity. Thanks to its dampening effect, the option also increases comfort by offering a smoother ride, and is optimized for each Bobcat loader frame size.