The Cedarapids CR552 rubber tire paver from BOMAG is built for productivity, comfort, and low cost of ownership. It offers the traction and power required for mainline paving applications such as airports, interstates, highways, and major county roads. The CR552 offers the largest drive tire and a heavy-duty hopper to support capacities up to 27 tons for extended paving intervals between truck exchanges will offering paving capacities in excess of 800 TPH.

Featuring a 260-hp Tier 4 Final Cummins diesel engine, the CR552 delivers the power to handle full-width paving applications and can store enough power in reserve to operate electric screeds and lights for night paving. Cooling air for the engine is drawn from above the hood rather than ground level for cleaner air quality and reduced air infiltration. 

The CR552 offers increased operator comfort with seats that pivot beyond the side of the paver for direct visibility to the tires, an operator's console that pivots to line up with the seat, and a sloped engine hood that improved the operator's sightline to the hopper. The generator has also been moved away from the screed area for lower sound levels.

Cedarapids pavers also come with BOMAG Telematic. This service monitors machine vitals, delivers test and email alerts to key customer personnel, reminds the dealer and service technicians when scheduled maintenance tasks are due, and offers productivity reports for maximizing machine utilization. The CR552 comes standard with three years of complimentary telematic service.

Additional features include the frame raiser system, three-point suspension, and proportional steer assist. All Cedarapids pavers come with a Super Paver Wear Guarantee. Slat drive chains are guaranteed for 3 years/3,000 hours, and floor liners are guaranteed for 5 years or 5,000 hours. Heavy-duty slat bars that transfer material from the paver's hopper to the screed come with a 10-year or 10,000-hour guarantee.