The Cat D8T dozer has a maximum net power of 312 hp produced by the Cat C15 ACERT engine, and weighs 86,900 lbs. The D8T can be used across a wide range of tasks — production dozing, ripping, scraper work, land clearing, and finish grading.

The D8T uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) combined with proven emissions technology to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards. The emissions technology is transparent, requiring no action from the operator and no stopping for system regeneration. The system utilizes diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), which can be refilled at refueling time. 

The dozer is available with Cat Grade Control 3D, a factory-integrated Cat Connect GRADE technology that enables operators to improve grading efficiency, accuracy and productivity in production dozing to fine grading applications. The system automates blade movements, reducing manual operator inputs by as much as 80%, according to the company.

The integrated design moves the antennas to the top of the cab, eliminating masts and cables traditionally on the blade. Integration into the machine’s standard monitor and joystick controls helps simplify operation. Productivity boosting features are integrated with Cat Grade Control—AutoCarry, Auto Blade Assist, and Automatic Ripper Control.

Cat Connect LINK technologies are integrated into the machine, giving operations and maintenance managers insight into how their equipment is performing. 

The latest D8T offers a number of systems to help the operator work efficiently and comfortably. The new color touch-screen display enables the operator to select control features to suit preferences and optimize the machine for the application. Selectable electro-hydraulic maps set implement response and speed. Enhanced Auto Shift allows the operator to select the optimum ground speed for the job, and then the system automatically chooses the most efficient gear based on load.