Replacing the E60, the Bobcat E63 Compact Tail Swing excavator comes with improvements in joystick controls, lift capacity, arm and bucket forces, and drive performance. The 6.3-metric-ton excavator features a number of operator conveniences including a blade float, multi-function joysticks, color instrumentation panel and an auto-shift drive system.

At an operating weight of 13,779 lbs., the E63’s horsepower has increased 13.5% to 59.4 hp with a diesel engine that is Tier 4 compliant. The diesel engine features a high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system, a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), and a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Compared to the previous E60, the E63’s upper structure is shifted rearward on the undercarriage to increase efficiency. The E63’s 11.6 inches of tail swing overhang provides best-in-class over-the-side lifting performance, without increasing the machine’s overall weight, according to the company. This additional tail swing also improves the E63’s slew performance when working on side slopes.

The E63 incorporates fingertip boom swing and auxiliary hydraulic functions, which not only improves multi-function capabilities, but also gives the operator more floor space. Independent boom swing control on the joysticks allows operators to more easily position the work group for offset digging. Selectable auxiliary flow rates and the detent (continuous flow) mode allow for more precise attachment performance.

A new multi-language, deluxe color panel resembles instrumentation found on larger earthmoving equipment and provides a quick visual of machine vital functions.

A new blade float feature gives operators the versatility to smoothly grade, level, or backfill material. This means operators can use just one machine to excavate and fill material, and the excavator’s rubber track undercarriage minimizes disruption to existing surfaces with its ability to float across dirt. The E63’s blade height is 16.1 inches — a 21% increase compared to the previous E60 model.

The E63’s hydraulic system delivers 5,767 ft.-lbs. of arm force. Engineered to dig to depths of 13 feet 6 inches, bucket force has increased to 9,731 ft.-lbs. The E63 comes standard with Auto-Shift travel, which shifts the excavator into low range and back to high range automatically as the drive load subsides.

New boom cylinder guards protect the boom cylinder when the excavator is digging. Integrated into the undercarriage are four convenient tie-down points to simplify trailer loading for transport. Extended grease intervals on the E63 work group minimize maintenance requirements.

QuickLook: Bobcat E63 Excavator

Horsepower: 59.4 hp diesel
Operating weight:
13,779 lb.
78 in.
Arm force:
5,767 ft.-lb.
Bucket breakout force:
9,731 ft.-lb.
Digging depth:
13 ft. 6 in.