Crown Equipment Corp.'s SC 5200 Series of sit-down counterbalanced forklifts are designed for multiple applications. The Crown SC 5200 Series features the shortest three-wheel, 3,000-lb. lifting capacity truck in the industry the Crown SC 5215 for applications requiring additional maneuverability to work in limited spaces such as 10-foot aisles, according to the company.

Customers can choose between Crown's 36V or 48V AC systems depending on application needs. These systems include Crown's integrated AC traction and hydraulic systems that increase productivity with an efficient use of power. The system features on-demand steering that lowers noise levels, a single hydraulic motor designed for improved efficiency, and faster lift speeds that can help maximize productivity.

Further, the integration of Crown components optimizes power and enables the full-motor braking system of Crown's e-GEN system, offering operators an edge in performance, service, and cost of ownership by eliminating the traditional friction brake. 

Each model in the Crown SC 5200 Series includes more than 85-percent of Crown-manufactured components including drive units and Crown- engineered and -manufactured AC motors and hydraulic controllers.

The truck frame is equipped with Crown's heavy-duty, ¾-inch steel plate and I-beam mast rails that resist bending and twisting. Forklifts in the series support load capacities ranging from 3,000-4,000 lbs., depending on the model. 

Ergonomic features include easy-to-reach controls to help minimize operator arm movement and stress. Crown's FlexSeatä delivers comfort through suspension, responsive back flex, and wider seat cushion, resulting in a more efficient and comfortable operator. Visibility is enhanced through design considerations such as operator-forward seating and superior mast configuration.

Crown Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control provides on-board intelligence that monitors and controls all systems of the Crown SC 5200 to ensure superior performance and reliability. The Intrinsic Stability System uses Crown Access 1 2 3 to support safety and efficiency by monitoring performance based on the operating environment, such as the lift truck's direction, speed, wheel angle, and fork position. For example, the forklift automatically limits travel speeds based on lift height.