The Derive VQ system includes a smartphone app.  Image courtesy of Derive

The Derive VQ system includes a smartphone app. Image courtesy of Derive

Derive, manufacturer of the Derive Efficiency vehicle calibration system, has deployed an “active” telematics platform that can provide optimized calibrations based on real-time telematics insights. The Derive VQ platform is available for commercial and government fleets.

Derive integrates its vehicle control system knowledge with telematics data. It pairs an OBD-II vehicle interface with a smartphone app. Derive’s new platform integrates information from the vehicle, contextual information from the environment and third-party data sources, and preference information from the driver and fleet manger.

The platform can be used to reduce idle RPM, optimize driving RPM, pre-set maximum vehicle speed, control horsepower and torque, set a seatbelt-dependent start, and prevent texts and calls to the connected smartphone while the vehicle is in operation. Telematics features include location, speed, and idle tracking; driver-vehicle pairing; navigation; diagnostic trouble code tracking; and tracking of powered take-off events.

Derive VQ can be used to reduce engine idle RPM, optimize driving RPM, and preset maximum vehicle speed.  Image courtesy of Derive

Derive VQ can be used to reduce engine idle RPM, optimize driving RPM, and preset maximum vehicle speed. Image courtesy of Derive

Government fleets can use Derive VQ as a motor pool solution, including for sign-out, tracking, and vehicle locking/unlocking through the app.

Commercial fleets can use the product to automatically send arrival time updates to customers by linking the vehicle and traffic data to its appointment scheduling system and improve efficiency by optimizing idle RPM and enabling managed-defined shut-off periods.

The company launched the produce in late 2017 with a top 10 U.S. commercial fleet, representing the fleet industry’s largest telematics contract that year. The product was developed in coordination with this fleet.

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