SoundOff Signal has expanded the functionality of its bluePRINT control system with the release of bluePRINT Link and bluePRINT 3 software. The bluePRINT control system improves safety through the automation of emergency lighting and siren performance functions, by reducing cognitive load and distractions so the driver can keep their eyes on the road.

The new bluePRINT Link module seamlessly connects the bluePRINT Control System with the vehicle’s CAN data bus to directly communicate important vehicle data and eliminate the need for discrete signal wiring. This means that Upfitters and vehicle builders no longer need direct wire or disassembly for access to vehicle data points which significantly improves the installation time and also allows for expanded bluePRINT functions.

The new bluePRINT 3 enhancements provide even greater improvements to the overall functions of the control system. All control panel settings are now programmed through the bluePRINT configuration software app which allows for slide switch activation of siren tone buttons, button type confirmation, and double press/multistate for up to four auxiliary buttons which mean new light sequencing including arrow capability. Improved speeds for downloading and uploading increases the efficiency of the installation. In addition, the software provides the ability to run two simultaneously connected control panels that provides convenient controls from both the front and back of the vehicle.

Upfitters and vehicle builders will appreciate the utilization of the 24 configurable CAN inputs selectable from over 50 vehicle signals. With bluePRINT 3 software release, the system increases the priorities from 5 to 10 and the matrix rules increase from 16 to 24 which greatly improves the number of custom control logic functions.

The launch of the bluePRINT Link in conjunction with the bluePRINT software release is not only taking controls systems to the next level but also addressing customer needs and demands for easier installation, direct CAN communication, and increasing functionality. Lastly, the system is now compatible with our highly demanded 400 series siren.

“We are excited to offer the direct vehicle integration and augment the growth of control systems in the industry because it truly streamlines installation and offers advanced safety features, which is really what it is all about” said Doug Baker, chief innovation officer of SoundOff Signal.