The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) unveiled a Tesla X pursuit vehicle prototype at the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. The Tesla Model X P90D, which was loaned out to the agency for 10 days to help illustrate the theme of OPP’s presentations at the auto show, The Future of Policing. It will be on display throughout the duration of the Canadian Auto Show, which ends on Feb. 25.

In a Facebook Live video, Sgt. Kery Smith of the Highway Safety Division noted that OPP will not be using a Tesla on the road because it is not pursuit-rated. The agency uses Dodge Charger Pursuits, Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Sedan vehicles, and Chevrolet Tahoes in its frontline.

The vehicle was equipped with OPP’s vehicle lighting and graphics. They shared the following video transforming it for the show:

In addition to its Tesla prototype, the agency showcased a fully equipped Dodge Charger. Team members also gave presentations on OPP’s snow-vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, and vessel enforcement (SAVE) unit; its aviation services unit; and training recruits to drive a police car.