BRANCHBURG, NJ – Kinedyne Corporation has introduced StrapPak – an innovative accessory designed to help effectively secure the loose end – up to 30 feet in length – of a ratchet strap.

“StrapPak is a quick, easy way to secure ratchet straps – it provides a simple solution to an age old problem,” explains Jim Calico,

Kinedyne’s vice president of sales and marketing.  “By bringing StrapPak to the market, Kinedyne once again proves there’s no challenge facing fleet operators and truck drivers that our company cannot address.”

StrapPak is a bright, orange mesh bag that attaches directly to the fixed-end of a ratchet strap. The product was designed with flatbed and utility trailers in mind.  It is an ideal solution for a wide range of users including truckers, contractors, and recreational vehicle owners.

StrapPak can be purchased preassembled, on a standard two-inch ratchet strap.  The aftermarket version can easily be retrofitted as an accessory to most straps already in service. 

“In addition to its primary purpose – securing the loose end of straps -- StrapPak has another value,” Calico adds. “It’s actually the perfect tool for storing and organizing straps when they are not in use.”

Prior to the development of StrapPak, truck drivers typically used duct tape or cable ties to secure excess webbing on ratchet straps, costing both time and money. In the end, these various types of jerry-rigging were not effective ways to secure the loose end of the strap.

StrapPak can be ordered by contacting Kinedyne’s Customer Service Center, at 1-(800) 848-6057, or by visiting the company’s Web site, Product demonstration videos are available on Kinedyne’s YouTube channel,




Originally posted on Automotive Fleet

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