The FM25 is driven by a three-section power band belt.  Photo courtesy of Land Pride

The FM25 is driven by a three-section power band belt. Photo courtesy of Land Pride

Land Pride FM25 Series Flail Mowers can readily handle tough groundskeeping demands for a variety of recreation areas — from sprawling golf courses to neighborhood parks, according to the manufacturer. The mowers are designed for extra durability and easier serviceability, and they’re compatible with a wide range of tractors because of the 80-hp gearbox rating.

Easier Blade Changes and Maintenance

Standard features include a rear access door and quick-change D-ring system for simpler blade changes and maintenance. Also standard are replaceable skid shoes, a chain guard to protect the operator and bystanders from debris, and a rear roller scraper to keep the roller free of wet grass and mud. Bearings on the rear roller are also sealed for protection from dust and debris. Another plus for the U.S.-made FM25 Series is a two-year warranty.

The Land Pride FM25 Series has an electronically balanced rotor mounted on spherical roller bearings. A three-section power band belt drives the rotor. The spring-loaded belt-tensioning system — available on 60-inch, 72-inch, and 84-inch models — makes it easy to tension belts to extend life, said Bubba Simnacher, national sales manager at Land Pride.

The Land Pride FM25 is available in four widths — from 48 inches to 84 inches — to fit a wide variety of applications.  Photo courtesy of Land Pride

The Land Pride FM25 is available in four widths — from 48 inches to 84 inches — to fit a wide variety of applications. Photo courtesy of Land Pride

The Flail Mower's Three Blade Options

Three different blade options provide a variable cutting height from 0 to 6 inches. The cutting capacity is 1 inch with the Duckfoot knives, 1.5 inches with the heavy-­duty Y knives, and 2 inches with the Hammer knives. The FM25 also features reverse rotor rotation with a blade tip speed of 12,000 feet per minute for a cleaner cut.

Moreover, the FM25 Series features dual hitches for offsetting when needed. The Category 1 hitch on the 48-inch and 60-inch models offers center and 8-inch right offset positions. The Category 1 and 2 hitches on the 72-inch and 84-inch models offer center and 10-inch right offset. As a result, operators can easily offset the hitch for a closer, cleaner-looking cut along fence lines, Simnacher said.

Compared to rotary mowers, flail mowers in general are a safer option for public areas such as parks.

“They’re much less likely to throw rocks, branches, and other objects,” Simnacher said.

Land Pride is a division of Great Plains Manufacturing, which is now a Kubota company.