John Deere will offer a telematics and asset tracking system with its heavy equipment under a new partnership with Telogis announced at the Telogis Latitude Conference in Dana Point, Calif.

The system will allow government fleet managers and construction companies to "derive key data and insights from their connected John Deere equipment to help drive cost savings, efficiency, and productivity," according to a Telogis release. The system will help asset managers cut down on manual data entry and provide deeper insights into the utilization of the equipment.

Users will be able to connect to John Deere's JD Link smartphone app to order parts and service or contact nearby John Deere dealers for appointments and troubleshooting. They will also receive more accurate equipment maintenance records that can help lead to better uptime and lower total cost of ownership, according to Telogis.

Customers can tap into the Telogis Mobile Resource Management (MRM) software platform that offers jobsite utilization alerting and reporting with engine-hours data, equipment utilization, fuel consumption and details about diagnostic codes.

Customers’ cost structures are also optimized by leveraging the John Deere telematics devices that come built into the equipment from the factory or installed aftermarket at an authorized dealer.