Photo courtesy of Mobility Ventures

Photo courtesy of Mobility Ventures

Mobility Ventures, designer and manufacturer of the purpose-built, wheelchair-accessible MV-1, announced that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has purchased five MV-1 vehicles for use at medical centers in Colorado, Florida, and Tennessee. The purchase was made through Master’s Transportation, contract number, GS-30F-CA029.

While there are nearly 1,600 MV-1s in city and county transit fleets across the country, the VA purchase marks the entry of the MV-1 to the federal fleet. The MV-1 was added to the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule last year.

“Providing accessible transportation to the growing number of American veterans living with ambulatory disabilities is a top priority for Mobility Ventures,” said Pat Kemp, executive vice president, Mobility Ventures. “Our vehicle is designed from the ground up to give those who use wheel chairs the freedom of mobility.”

The MV-1, the first and only American-made wheelchair-accessible vehicle, comes standard with a built-in side-entry ramp, ample head room, and seating for up to five, making it the perfect solution for government fleets, commercial use, and consumers.