Vassar College has selected FleetCommander fleet and motor pool technologies to automate its motor pool management processes, collect the data needed to make fleet right-sizing decisions, and improve service provided to faculty, staff, and students. The announcement was made by Agile Access Control, Inc., creator of FleetCommander.

FleetCommander will enable Vassar to free up staff resources by automating many processes now handled manually. With the new fleet technology in place, Vassar will be able to:

  • Manage drivers and vehicles online from their own fleet website
  • Communicate and enforce fleet policies automatically
  • Offer drivers online vehicle scheduling capability while eliminating paper and administrative resources re-typing information into their aging FileMaker application
  • Easily control access to vans for students that have not passed the van safety training class
  • Manage dispatching online
  • Save time and reduce errors by automatically calculating vehicle use charges at the conclusion of the reservation
  • Automatically collect the usage data to help identify opportunities to change the quantity or composition of the college’s fleet for right-sizing and to attain efficiency goals
  • Save staff time by keeping track of who made, approved, changed, or deleted vehicle requests online
  • Automatically be warned of near-due or overdue preventative maintenance tasks
  • Have access to dozens of utilization, reservation, billing, maintenance, vehicle, and user reports

“Roughly 40% of FleetCommander users are institutions of higher education. We believe this segment has grown tremendously because we have developed our product to address the unique challenges faced by this market segment, including serving a diverse population and strict budget constraints. We’re confident Vassar College will follow in the footsteps of the many universities and colleges that have achieved significant savings and efficiencies by automating their fleet management,” said Ed Smith, president and CEO of Agile.