Photo of Ram ProMaster prisoner transport van courtesy of FCA US.

Photo of Ram ProMaster prisoner transport van courtesy of FCA US.

FCA has begun offering a Ram ProMaster prisoner transport van to law enforcement agencies under a partnership with Havis, Inc., which equips the cargo van for agencies.

Once set up to transport inmates or in-custody subjects, the ProMaster can move up to 12 people. The van can also be used for patrol or to move bulky items such as barricades, cones, bicycles, or large evidence.

Havis can add the equipment to a ProMaster 1500, 2500, or 3500 for the 2015 or 2016 model year ProMaster, according to Havis.

Havis offers three compartment layouts that allow an agency to configure the cargo area for one to three people per compartment. The single compartment layout offers a single rear entry door, two bench seats, and 80-, 100-, or 120-inch inserts. The double compartment layout adds dual rear entry doors. The triple compartment layout offers dual and single side entry doors, three bench seats, and 100- and 120-inch inserts.

FCA supplies Havis with the Ram ProMaster 2500 or 3500 cargo van with a high roof and 159-inch wheelbase for the 12-prisoner version that includes the Havis three-partition insert. Some sheriff’s departments and jailers require a low-roof van to access sally ports as well as parking garages. For that need, FCA offers the ProMaster 1500 cargo van with the low roof and 136-inch wheelbase. It includes a three-compartment, 10-prisoner insert.

The inserts contain rear HVAC, as well as seat belts.Additional options from Havis include up to four cameras to monitor prisoners, a hinged door to pass items to prisoners, an intercom system with push-to-talk, additional storage under the bench seating, and an audi-visual alarm that activates a buzzer and warning light when the rear doors are open. Havis offers its 10-inch center console (C-4210) with tunnel mount assembly.