Photo of 2012 testing courtesy of MSP.

Photo of 2012 testing courtesy of MSP.

The Michigan State Police has released preliminary testing results for 15 cars and SUVs Detroit automakers will offer to law enforcement agencies for the 2016 model year, including a model tested for the first time.

The agency, which has been conducting annual police vehicle tests since 1974, re-tested returning models. In addition, the agency's Precision Driving Unit began testing of Ford's Special Service Police Interceptor that's powered by a 2.0L four-cylinder for improved fuel economy. The vehicle is not meant for pursuits.

Carryover models tested by the unit included the AWD 3.7L Ford Police Interceptor sedan; V-6 Chevrolet Caprice PPV; V-6 Charger Pursuit; FWD 3.5L Ford P.I. sedan; Chevrolet Impala Limited; AWD V-8 Charger Pursuit; AWD EcoBoost Ford P.I. sedan; V-8 Caprice PPV; AWD EcoBoost Ford P.I. Utility; V-8 Charger Pursuit; RWD Tahoe PPV; AWD 3.7L Ford P.I. Utility; V-6 Charger Pursuit; and 4WD Tahoe PPV.

The vehicles were evaluated in late September over several days during tests that measured high-speed performance (acceleration and top speed), braking, and driving dynamics. The unit also tested five police motorcycles.

The Chevrolet Caprice recorded a top speed of 155 mph that was the best for sedans powered by V-8 and turbocharged engines, while the AWD EcoBoost Ford P.I. sedan had the fastest time from 0-60 mph at 6.17 seconds. Among the V-6 sedans, the RWD V-6 Caprice reached the highest top speed of 146 mph, while the AWD 3.7L P.I. sedan was the quickest from 0-60 mph at 7.58 seconds.

In the utility category, the 5.3L RWD Tahoe reached a top speed of 137 mph, while the 3.5L Ecoboost AWD P.I. Utility was the fastest from 0-60 mph at 6.63 seconds.

In 60-0 mph brake testing, three Dodge Chargers set the standard by needing less than 126 feet to stop. The V-6 Charger with the 2.62 axle ratio stopped from 60-0 mph in 125.1 feet. It was followed by the V-6 Charger with the 3.08 axle ratio (125.6) and V-8 RWD Charger (125.8).

In driving dynamics testing, the Ford PI Sedan 3.5L Ecoboost AWD recorded the fastest 2-mile lap time at 1 minute, 35 seconds (1:35.66). In the utility category, the AWD turbo P.I. Utility led the way at 1 minute, 38 seconds (1:38.36).

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