The Boise Police Department has adopted Cradlepoint's LTE enterprise networking platform to achieve a stable, flexible, and manageable network for its 150-vehicle cruiser fleet, according to the telecommunications provider.

The Cradlepoint solution is designed specifically for distributed and mobile wireless environments and consists of a cloud-delivered management and application platform combined with purpose-built end point hardware.

"We needed to upgrade the network to adapt to evolving technology, reduce the amount of IT resources needed to maintain the network, and enable officers to spend more time patrolling," said Eugene Smith, deputy chief of operations at the Boise P.D. "Cradlepoint reduced the amount of technology needed in the car, increasing open space inside the cars, and making it safer for our officers to work and drive."

The Boise P.D. was able to streamline management of its in-vehicle network with Cradlepoint's Enterprise Cloud Manager that enables central configuration, monitoring, and management of the Cradlepoint devices, according to the company.