Photo via New Jersey State Police/Facebook.

Photo via New Jersey State Police/Facebook.

The New Jersey State Police will begin using a black Chevrolet Caprice with a frosted logo known as a "ghost car" to allow officers to better catch traffic scofflaws without standing out.

State Police Capt. Stephen Jones told that unmarked cars have been a part of the police fleet for years. The agency has updated the graphics. The majority of patrol vehicles are marked.

Following negative comments on Facebook about the vehicle, Captain Jones defended the vehicle, writing, “Some people think we are wrong for using unmarked cars because it’s tantamount to entrapment. I don’t agree with this logic. In no way do unmarked cars prompt people to drive worse; they only allow our troopers to observe them driving dangerously when they believe law enforcement is not there.”

Many law enforcement agencies use unmarked cars or subtle graphics to catch drunk drivers and speeders. As one example, the Houston Police Department added 10 unmarked Chevrolet Camaro cars to its Traffic Enforcement Division in 2013. Officers refer to the cars as "ghosts" because of the white-shaded lettering and white paint scheme, according to Police Magazine.