The City of Wauwatosa, Wis., will take over the maintenance and repair of the Wauwatosa School District's 20 vans and trucks used by maintenance and utility workers, reports Wauwatosa Now.

The City fleet will bill the district at a rate of $80 per hour and price parts at cost plus a 60% surcharge. The school district expects modest savings over current retail prices, but should save significantly over time. It now takes a full day to get vehicles serviced, and it takes two employees to take it in and pick it up. Vehicles are already stored at the city's garage, which would simplify service.

At a Nov. 4 meeting, Kevin Hurst, fleet superintendent, said the school district initially approached city staff about the agreement.

The City fleet already maintains 332 units, including police vehicles, sedans, trucks, off-road equipment, and miscellaneous equipment. It averages 175 repairs per month. The fleet staff consists of the superintendent, seven technicians, a stock clerk/lead mechanic, and a part-time clerk. The news source stated that the fleet will not have to add additional staff to service the school district's vehicles.