Kevin Devery, CPM, was promoted to fleet manager at the City of Tempe, Ariz., as of July 15. He was previously fleet analyst and replaces Aaron Alvarado, who moved to Tacoma (Wash.) Public Utilities in February.

Devery has worked at the City fleet for 18 years, beginning as a service worker. He has also been a technician, coordinator, shop supervisor, and most recently, analyst.

"My biggest goal right now is to get fully staffed so that we can implement the new ideas and concepts that we have," Devery said. "We're doing a structural reorganization of our fleet in order to get more of our lead technician time into productive time. Right now they're sharing duties to cover some of the support staff because of the vacancies that we’ve had in the past with budget reductions, so we’re working on reorganizing and restructuring so we can get more available labor hours on the shop floor."

The fleet is also working on Certified Fleet Management Organization (CFMO) certification. It just recently updated to the Assetworks M5 fleet management information system, from M4.  

The Tempe fleet consists of approximately 1,200 units. The fleet division employs 29 positions, although there are currently three unfilled positions. The fleet has been named among the 100 Best Fleets for three consecutive years.

By Thi Dao